Discover our 2024 Shincha Japanese Green Tea

These Japanese green teas are all from this years Shincha harvest meaning that they are the first teas to be harvested in the spring of each year. They have unique flavor profiles and they come from two small islands in Southern Japan.

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nio teas ceo oliver starkle with a japanese green tea farmer

Cultivating an Appreciation for Japanese Tea

At Nio, we pride ourselves in how carefully we select our Japanese green tea. We frequently travel to Japan to meet all of our farmers in person and get to know them and their families. We only source from the best organic tea farms.

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mister sakamoto holding gyokuro leaves

How are we sourcing the best Japanese green tea?

At Nio Teas, we go directly to the source in order to get the best Japanese green tea. We travel through towns, villages and mountains to sit down with tea farmers and learn about the delicious teas they make.

All of the farmers we work with are committed to growing green tea without the use of pesticides or chemicals. We find that this makes a difference not only in the Japanese green tea benefits, but also in the health of the ecosystem in which they grow.

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What Makes Nio Teas the #1 Japanese Green Tea Brand?

It’s not enough to go to Japan and find the best Japanese green tea farmers, we also need to taste test to find the best Japanese green tea that each one produces! It’s always fun to taste out new Japanese green tea alongside the tea farmers we work with, but the real magic happens afterwards.

We taste test hundreds of different types of teas to find the very best Japanese green tea. We are not only looking for the cream of the crop, but also the unique and rare. Each of the types of Japanese green tea we offer captures a specific flavor profile that the tea farmer has worked tirelessly to cultivate.

  • Weight Loss

    One of the biggest Japanese green tea benefits has to do with weight loss. Studies have shown that when coupled with moderate exercise, the catechins in Japanese green tea can increase fat oxidation and metabolism.

  • Cold and Flu Prevention

    Another one of the great Japanese green tea benefits is that it can help you with cold and flu prevention and recovery. Studies have shown that the catechins and polyphenols in the Japanese green tea can reduce the rate of colds and lessen their symptoms.

  • Focus and Energy

    One final bonus on the list of Japanese green tea benefits is the focus and energy you get from drinking it. This is thanks to the combination of caffeine and l-theanine. While lots of drinks have caffeine, Japanese green tea is one of the few drinks that has l-theanine.

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Learn the fundamentals of japanese green tea

Japanese Green Tea FAQ

Does Japanese green tea have caffeine?

One of the most common questions we get is does Japanese green tea have caffeine. The answer is yes, all types of Japanese green tea contain some level of caffeine. Some green teas are higher in caffeine than others.

What makes Japanese green tea different from Chinese green tea?

There are 2 main factors that make Japanese green tea unique from other teas like Chinese green tea. The first is that the leaves are steamed after harvest rather than pan-fired. This gives the teas a more intense, steamed vegetable flavor that can be really enjoyable. They also take on a greener color!

Also, depending on which types Japanese green tea are being produced, the farmer can cover the tea plants with netting before the harvest. This causes the tea plant to undergo a complete transformation, leading to a greener color, higher caffeine content and smoother, sweeter flavor.

Why is Japanese green tea so rare?

Most green tea you are used to is likely from China or India, so where is all the Japanese green tea? Japan produces far less tea than countries like China, India or even Kenya. In addition to this, 98% of the tea produced in Japan, stays in Japan.

Most people outside Japan have never tried Japanese green tea, and they are missing out! This is where we come in, with our mission to bring high quality, pesticide free Japanese green tea to people all around the world.

Where Can You Learn More About Japanese Green Tea?

If you want to learn more about Japanese green tea, you have come to the right place! We have hundreds of blog articles, Youtube videos and podcasts about Japanese green tea. Please give us a follow across our social media channels and in return we’ll serve you up daily Japanese green tea knowledge!

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