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In the Loose Leaf Green Tea Samplers, you will get to try different types of loose leaf tea. These loose leaf teas are selected from all around Japan and they include different tea types from different regions and different tea plant varieties. This is a great way to experience the different nuances across tea types.

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loose leaf tea samplers

Experience our singular loose leaf green tea samplers

If you prefer the taste of infused loose leaf green tea with a couple of premium matcha, the loose leaf green tea sampler is the right choice for you. These samplers include different types of sencha, hojicha, genmaicha, gyokuro, kukicha, kamairicha, bancha and more! Try all of these teas and see which ones are your favorites.

We source our loose leaf green tea samplers from reputable Japanese farmers

We source all of our tea from small farmers around Japan who grow green tea without the use of pesticides or chemicals. We find that this really makes a difference in the overall quality of the tea, as well as the sustainability of the tea field itself.

  • loose leaf green tea samplers

    Loose leaf green tea samplers

    These green tea loose leaf samplers are a great way to try lots of different green teas at once. Each packet is measured out at a perfect 5 grams, giving you enough tea to make a full pot. The leaves can then be reused 3 times, with each infusion producing a unique tasting experience. By preparing each tea like this, you can really get to know it and learn about the subtle nuances that make the tea unique.

  • loose leaf tea bundle


    If you’re a seasoned tea drinker and you’d like to get a great deal on tea and teaware, the loose leaf tea bundles are a great option. With these bundles, you can try a few different types of tea for the best value and with some bundles you can even get the teaware included. These bundles can be considered a loose leaf green tea sampler because they allow you to try a few different types of teas at once. 

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What is included in our loose leaf green tea sampler?

In the loose leaf tea samplers, you will get to try different types of loose leaf tea. These loose leaf teas are selected from all around Japan and they include different tea types from different regions and different tea plant varieties. This is a great way to experience the difference nuances across tea types. The warm roasted flavor of hojicha, the fruity and vegetal fukamushi sencha or the sweet umami of gyokuro.

  • gyokuro sample


    Gyokuro is shaded for 3 weeks before the harvest in order to develop a strong savory and sweet flavor.

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  • sencha sample


    Sencha is the most common type of green tea in Japan and it is made from tea leaves that have been steamed, rolled and dried

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  • genmaicha sample


    Genmaicha is made by mixing tea leaves with roasted rice, and it is becoming very popular for its sweet, cereal taste

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  • roasted teas and hojicha sample

    Roasted Teas & Hojicha

    Hojicha is made from tea leaves that have been roasted in a large machine or a hot pan, to give them warmer flavors.

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  • stem teas sample

    Stem Teas

    Stem teas like kukicha and karigane are made from the stems and leaves of the tea plant, which lowers the caffeine content and produces a more mild taste

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  • bancha sample


    Bancha is made from the older leaves of the tea harvest, while most premium Japanese green teas are made from the younger tea sprouts

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  • kamairicha sample


    Kamairicha is a partially roasted tea, somewhere in between a sencha and a hojicha with notes of both toasted nuts and steamed vegetables

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  • shincha sample


    Shincha is the first tea to be harvested in the beginning of each year, producing a light sweet taste with a hint of tartness.

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  • kabuse sencha sample

     Kabuse Sencha

    A long shaded tea in between Gyokuro and kabuse sencha that has a light sweetness and less umami than gyokuro

    Shop Kabuse Sencha 
  • fukamushi sencha sample

    Fukamushi Sencha

    A tea steamed for a longer time compared to a typical sencha, giving it a greener color and a smooth yet powerful flavor

    Shop Fukamushi Sencha 
  • karigane sample


    Karigane is a stem tea made from shaded tea plants, giving it a sweeter taste with floral and fruity notes

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  • kuki hojicha sample

    Kuki Hojicha

    A roasted tea made from the stems of the tea plant

    Shop Kuki Hojicha 
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Our loose leaf green tea sampler are 100% pesticide free

All of the teas contained within the loose leaf green tea sampler were produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals. We make sure to visit the farms in person when we source tea, and we notice that the farms that don’t use chemicals or pesticides have become a habitat for multiple plant species as well as small animals. We think it is important that a tea field not only grows great tea, but also maintains the health and beauty of the surrounding area.

Learn how to brew our loose leaf tea sampler with our tutorial video

  • Step 1 - Put the tea in the Kyusu

    Open your tea sample and add the 5 grams of loose leaf tea into the teapot.

  • Step 2 - pour in 150ml of water

    pour in 150ml of warm water and let it brew for between 1-2 minutes. You can find specific parameters for the time and temperature on the product page of each tea.

  • Step 3 - Enjoy

    Serve your loose leaf green tea and enjoy! Don't forget that you can brew your Japanese green tea multiple time.

How much tea can you make with our loose leaf green tea sampler?

Each sample pack contains enough tea to make 1 pot or 3 cups of green tea. If there are 23 loose leaf tea samples included in the sampler, this is enough tea to make 69 cups of tea!

  • japanese tea samplers with teaware


    This is a clay teapot specifically designed to produce the best cup of Japanese green tea. It has a wide base, allowing the leaves enough space to open up and release their flavor into the water. It also has a built in strainer to keep the leaves out of your cup as you pour. The famous side handle is hollow so it stays cool as you pour, and it allows you to serve the tea more gracefully, with just a simple turn of the wrist.

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