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Fukamushi sencha is created by steaming the tea leaves for a longer time. Due to the longer steaming process, the tea takes on a vibrant green color and a rich and smooth flavor. Fukamushi sencha also works great as a cold brew tea, as the cold water brings out some of the fruitier notes of the tea. The deep steaming method was developed as recently as the 20th century and it really is a great way to reduce the bitterness of the green tea. Which one of our Fukamushi Sencha will be your cup of tea?

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What is Fukamushi Sencha?

Fukamushi sencha or deep steamed sencha is a special type of Japanese green tea that produces a vibrant green color and a powerful taste profile. This unique color and flavor comes from the production process, where the tea leaves are steamed for a longer time.

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Our Fukamushi Sencha is exclusively sourced from reputable Japanese tea farmers

At Nio Teas, we only work with talented farmers who produce exceptional quality Fukamushi Sencha. After sitting down with these farmers and tasting their teas in person, we have selected a small number we think are exceptional. These are the teas we chosen to share with people all around the world.

Our Fukamushi Sencha is 100% organically grown and pesticide free

Organic Fukamushi sencha is an important thing for us to strive towards. After traveling around Japan for a few years, we have had the experience of visiting  both organic as well as non-organic tea fields and comparing the differences. We found that the tea fields that used pesticides and chemicals weren’t creating a healthy ecosystem for plant and animal life. The organic tea fields we saw had much more biodiversity, with insects, birds and even mammals thriving between the tea plants. By switching to organically grown, pesticide free fukamushi sencha, you are not only making a better choice for yourself, but also helping to push the tea industry into a more sustainable direction. At Nio, we believe that tea fields should not only produce great tasting kabuse sencha, but also become a habitat for local plant and animal species

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Flavor profile of fukamushi sencha green tea

When you compare fukamushi vs sencha, you will notice that the taste of the fukamushi is much more juicy, with notes of tropical fruit, steamed vegetables and sweet corn. You will also notice that the color is cloudier and the mouthfeel is thicker. This is because during the longer steaming process, the tea leaves are broken down, and more is able to flow into the cup.

History of Fukamushi Sencha

After the second world war, Japan was restricted from trading with the rest of the world. In order to provide tea for their own people, they had to grow it themselves. They found that the flavors of some of these green teas were a bit harsh compared to what they were used to, which paved the way for a new innovation. Tea producers found that by steaming the leaves for a longer time, they were able to soften some of the more bitter flavors of the tea, and produce a smoother sencha fukamushi. 

The different Sencha steaming methods

One way to categorize sencha tea is by how long it has been steamed. Here we are going to discuss the 3 basic types

  • Light Steamed Asamushi Sencha

    Steamed for 20-40 seconds

  • Medium Steamed Futsumushi Sencha

    steamed for 40-80 seconds

  • Deep Steamed Fukamushi Sencha

    Steamed for 80-200 seconds

Watch how to brew Fukamushi Sencha in our tutorial video

When brewing  fukamushi sencha tea, the one thing to keep in mind is that you may only need 45 seconds to extract the flavor of the leaves. This is because sencha fukamushi green tea has much smaller leaf particles, so the water can easily extract flavor from them. Make sure to follow the specific instructions on each product page when it comes to brewing time and temperature!

Frequently Asked questions

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If you have any questions about our  fukamushi sencha green tea, you can ask our customer service team. The best way to reach us is by email, but you can also feel free to reach out to us on social media as we also respond to direct messages and comments on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook.

Order issues

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We are currently accepting payments from major credit cards, paypal and even via bank transfer. If you have a question or concern as you are trying to pay for your sencha fukamushi green tea, please feel free to reach out to us and we can try to help resolve it!

Returns & Refunds

While it is rare for someone to tell us they don’t like the fukamushi sencha green tea, occasionally it may happen. We want everyone to end up with a tea they like, so we would prefer to send you a replacement tea rather than have you stuck with a fukamushi sencha you don’t like.

There is no need to return the fukamushi sencha to us, just keep it and share it with someone who would appreciate it! Feel free to send us an email and we can help to solve whatever issue you might have with the tea you ordered

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