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Even though the chasen, also known as matcha whisk, has been used in Japan for centuries and there is still no better tool to prepare beautiful foamy bowls of matcha. There is no better tool than the matcha whisk holder to keep each bristle intact. Each of them move through the water adding air to the bowl of tea, giving it a smoother and creamier flavor. If you are looking for a tea whisk, this chasen is without a doubt the best option.

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What is the matcha whisk?

Matcha whisks are the best tool when it comes to whisking up matcha tea. This japanese tea whisk is made out of a single piece of bamboo and the 100 small bristles move through the water quickly to aerate the tea.

chasen with matcha

Why should you use a Matcha whisk holder for you Chasen?

There is nothing quite like the matcha bamboo whisk when it comes to creating that beautiful foam on top of the matcha. This foam is not just for looks, it also makes the matcha taste smoother and creamier. You can turn a good matcha into a great matcha with this foam, all thanks to the matcha tea whisk.

What is the benefit of using the matcha bamboo whisk?

When compared to a typical metal whisk, the matcha bamboo whisk has a few key advantages. First, it is completely silent, which may not seem like a big deal, but the purpose of whisking up a bowl of matcha is to enjoy a nice calming moment, and the sound of metal scraping against a bowl can really get in the way of that. The matcha whisks also just simply outperform the metal whisks, producing more foam for less effort. If you’re really looking for the best matcha whisk, you have to go for the bamboo.

matcha whisk with a matcha holder

What is the history of the Chasen?

The matcha bamboo whisk was carved the same way it is now as far back as 600 years ago, during the Muromachi period. Originally, the tea ceremony was for the elite societies in Japan, and it was inaccessible for most of the commoners.

 A man known as Murata Juko wanted to change that, and eventually laid forth the principles of Wabi-cha or the simple tea ceremony. As part of this so-called “ tea ceremony for the people”, he commissioned the design of matcha whisks that could be used by people all over Japan. The result was the japanese tea whisk we know today.

Watch how to whisk matcha and use the bamboo matcha whisk optimally

  • Step 1 - Sift your matcha powder for latte

    Sift 2 grams of matcha latte powder into a bowl or glass (this step is important if you don’t want clumps in your matcha)

  • Step 2 - Pour a tiny bit of warm water

    Add in about 20 millileters of water, just enough to mix the matcha powder into a paste

  • Step 3 - Mix your matcha latte powder to make Koicha

    Mix the matcha latte powder into a nice smooth paste and do your best to break up the clumps

  • Step 4 - Prepare a cup of your favourite plant milk

    Add in 1 cup of your favorite plant milk. It’s best to preheat the milk in a microwave or in a pan if you are making a warm matcha latte

  • Step 5 - Mix the matcha and plant based milk

    Combine the matcha paste with the oatmilk until it is mixed in evenly

  • Step 6 - Enjoy your matcha latte

    If you are making a warm matcha latte, you can serve your tea now! If you are making an iced matcha latte, you can add in your matcha ice cubes

How to clean matcha whisk?

Before you put it back on the matcha whisk holder, you should quickly rinse off the matcha by running it under cool or warm water. Occasionally, you may want to brush in between the bristles of the matcha whisk with a toothbrush, to remove some of the staining. 

matcha made with a matcha whisk

Taking care of your matcha whisk

In addition to cleaning and rinsing your matcha whisk, you may also want to place it on a matcha whisk holder. The matcha whisk holder is made out of clay or porcelain and it helps to retain the shape of the matcha whisk when it’s not being used. If you don't have a matcha tea whisk holder, make sure not to leave your matcha whisk on its side, or it will begin to lose it’s shape and become flatter overtime. Soon we will be selling a matcha whisk and holder together so stay tuned for our new offerings!

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