Sencha Isagawa
Sencha Isagawa
Sencha Isagawa

Sencha Isagawa

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This is the sencha from Isagawa, a special region in the mountains of Shizuoka. Isagawa is also known as "the Organic Village" because it is a collection of farms that only grow tea without the use of pesticides. By sourcing tea from these small farmers in the mountains, we ensure that there is more attention to detail and less potential exposure to pesticides.

Because this tea comes from the mountains, it grows in very rocky, mineral-rich soil. The tea has a very nice mineral flavor to it with a nice lingering astringency. The tea is quite light and mild with a beautiful aftertaste. The infusion is a cloudy greenish-yellow that gets lighter with each steeping.

Steeping: 60 degrees C/ 140 degrees F for 1 minute. Can be steeped 2-3 additional times for 20 seconds.

This package contains 100 grams of green tea

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