Is Green Tea Good for Kidneys? A Tea Expert Weighs in

Is green tea good for kidneys? 🤔

We’re going to find out! We’ll go through the list of benefits to see why is green tea good for your kidneys and what are the best types of green tea for kidneys.

We’ll also answer the question is green tea bad for your kidneys if you drink too much and let you know what you should be looking out for.

Let’s get started!


Is green tea good for kidneys?

Is Green Tea Good for Kidneys

So right out of the gate, is green tea good for kidneys?

The answer is yes 🎉

Green tea is generally considered good for kidneys as long as it is consumed in a reasonable amount.

There are a few reasons that make green tea good for kidneys, and we’re going to discuss them in the next segment.

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What makes green tea good for kidneys

Now that we’ve talked about is green tea good for your kidneys, let’s talk about what makes green tea good for kidneys. Here are 5 major reasons to drink green tea for kidneys.


So is green tea good for the kidneys? From a hydration perspective it can be. Green tea contributes to overall hydration, which is essential for kidney function. Proper hydration supports the kidneys in filtering waste products and maintaining fluid balance.

Antioxidant Properties

One of the things that makes green tea good for kidneys are the antioxidants. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, particularly catechins such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). 

Antioxidants help combat oxidative stress, which can play a role in kidney damage. The potential protective effects of antioxidants may contribute to kidney health.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Another green tea kidney benefit has to do with inflammation. Chronic inflammation is linked to kidney diseases, and green tea has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing inflammation may help in maintaining healthy kidneys.

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Potential Diuretic Effect

The moderate caffeine content in green tea may have a mild diuretic effect, which can assist in flushing out toxins and waste products from the kidneys.

Lower Oxalate Content (in Some Varieties)

Finally, is green tea good for kidneys when it comes to kidney stone formation? While oxalates, naturally occurring compounds that can contribute to kidney stone formation, are present in green tea, certain varieties like Gyokuro and lower-oxidized green teas are considered to have relatively lower oxalate levels.


Why is green tea bad for kidneys in large amounts?

Now that we’ve covered is green tea good for kidneys, let’s investigate is green tea bad for kidneys if you drink too much. 

While moderate consumption of green tea is generally considered safe and may even offer potential health benefits, excessive intake of any beverage, including green tea, may have unintended consequences. Here are two things to look out for:

Caffeine Content

So why is green tea bad for kidneys if you drink too much? One thing you’ll want to watch out for is the caffeine content. Although it is lower in caffeine than coffee, green tea contains still caffeine, which is a natural stimulant. 

Excessive caffeine intake can lead to increased urine production, potentially contributing to dehydration. Dehydration, in turn, may strain the kidneys over time.

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Oxalate Content

Another reason people may ask is green tea bad for your kidneys is due to the formation of kidney stones. Green tea contains oxalates, which are naturally occurring compounds that can contribute to the formation of kidney stones, particularly calcium oxalate stones. 

While the oxalate levels in green tea are generally lower than in some other foods, excessive intake may increase the risk of kidney stones in susceptible individuals.

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The best green tea for kidneys

Now that we’ve answered the question is green tea good for your kidneys, let’s go through our list of the best green tea for kidneys. These teas are low in caffeine and in oxalates, which will be much easier on your kidneys. Plus, they are all inexpensive and taste great!




Bancha is an affordable green tea that is made from the older leaves of the plant.

These older leaves are actually lower in caffeine and higher in minerals, making it a perfect green tea for kidneys.

This is a great tea to drink in the afternoon or evening and you can even use it to help soothe the stomach after a meal.


Another benefit of bancha is that it is much less expensive compared to a normal leaf tea like sencha. You can get it for a small fraction of the price!




Hojicha is a special type of roasted green tea from Japan.


The roasting process makes the tea lower in caffeine and gives it a flavor unlike any other green tea.

After the leaves are processed, they are roasted in a large pan. This causes the color of the tea to change from green tea brown and the flavor begins to take on more of these warmer taste characteristics of coffee, caramel and chocolate.

The roasting process reduces the oxalates in the tea leaves, which is why it’s such a good green tea for kidneys.




Kukicha is a Japanese tea made from the stems and leaves of the tea plant.


Because the stems are added to the tea, it is low in caffeine and low in oxalates. The stems also contribute a higher mineral content and a pleasant straw flavor. 

This tea began as a way to stretch the tea harvest and get more yield out of the tea plants, but now it has become a beloved tea all around the world.

Like bancha, this tea is much more affordable than a sencha or gyokuro and can be bought at a fraction of the price. 


Is green tea good for kidneys - The Final Verdict

So finally, is green tea good for kidneys? Absolutely! Provided that you are drinking a moderate amount, you don’t have to choose between your green tea and kidneys health, you can have both! When it comes to green tea kidneys can handle quite a lot before there are repercussions.

If you are concerned, you can always stick to our list of best green tea for kidneys to make sure you are reducing your intake of caffeine and oxalates. These teas can all be found on our website, along with many other delicious green teas. Thanks for reading!

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