What are the Bancha Tea Benefits

There are so many bancha tea benefits out there, it can be a difficult task to cover them all, but we’re going to try to walk you through some of the top ones.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what bancha tea is, and why you should be drinking it. We’ll also point to specific compounds in bancha tea that are responsible for its many benefits.


List of Bancha tea benefits

There are quite a few different benefits of bancha tea, and we are going to cover as many as we can in this list below! We’ll also be sure to mention studies where appropriate and put the sources down below in case you are interested in learning more!


I. Low in caffeine

One of the great bancha tea benefits is that it is one of the lowest caffeine tea. This makes it suitable for younger people, people with caffeine sensitivity or those who experience insomnia. Although caffeine is likely fine in moderation, there are certainly negative side effects if you have too much. 

Whether you are sensitive to caffeine, or you are just trying to cut back, bancha can be a great way to build a healthier routine. You can also start your morning with a higher caffeine tea like sencha or gyokuro and then reserve the bancha tea for the afternoon or evening.

Why is bancha low in caffeine?

The reason bancha is low in caffeine is because it is made from the older tea leaves. The tea plant produces caffeine as a defense mechanism to protect itself from insects. The younger, more tender tea leaves are more vulnerable, so they need to produce more caffeine. The older leaves and stems of the tea plant are much tougher, and therefore they don’t need to produce quite as much caffeine.


II. High in minerals

Compared to other green teas, bancha tea contains a high amount of calcium, fluoride and magnesium. It can be a good idea to drink bancha tea in coordination to a healthy diet, in order to make sure you are getting your daily intake of minerals. There can be many downsides to not getting enough minerals and although it is no substitute for a healthy diet, bancha can be a great way to supplement. 


The older leaves of the tea plant actually contain higher levels of fluoride, which is another one of the great Bancha tea benefits. The reason these concentrations are higher is because fluorides exist in the water, air and soil and they accumulate in plants overtime. As a result, older leaves contain higher concentrations of these minerals compared to younger leaves.

Fluoride can help to improve dental health. Fluoride can strengthen tooth enamel and fight against decay caused by acids and bacteria. This is why you see a lot of dental products contain fluoride. Of course a more natural way to get this mineral is by brewing some bancha leaves in hot water and drinking a delicious cup of tea!


Like other green teas, bancha is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants help to protect cells against free radical damage, which can have beneficial effects on your health. The most well known benefit of antioxidants is a protection from aging, but they can also lead to a stronger immune system, helping you avoid the impacts of illness in the future.


Catechins are a type of phenol and they are produced as a secondary metabolite. A secondary metabolite is a compound produced by a plant that doesn’t have a direct impact on its growth, but rather it serves a secondary function like protection.

In this case, the catechins are produced to protect the tea from the UV rays as it is exposed to sunlight. Shaded teas like gyokuro and kabusecha will have less catechins, while unshaded teas like bancha will have more. Catechins have been known for their anti-carcinogenic and regenerative effects on the cells and they can also be good for things as mundane as the common cold. 


III. Metabolism

It has been shown that green tea can help to boost metabolism, and this has to be included in one of the many Bancha tea benefits. In one study, people were randomized into 2 different groups and told to conduct 30 minutes of moderate exercise. One group drank a cup of green tea before the exercise and the other group drank a placebo. The study found that green tea consumption could increase fat oxidation during both moderate exercise and rest. 


IV. Blood pressure

According to a study out of Cambridge, the long term consumption of green tea and black tea (3 months or more) has a positive impact on both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Green tea was even found to have a stronger effect compared to black tea.

In addition to this, green teas also have l-theanine which can help to induce a more calm and relaxing effect on the brain. This combined with bancha teas low caffeine content makes it great for reducing insomnia and improving sleep hygiene. Better sleep not only has benefits for cardiovascular health but also mental health as well. We can definitely say that the bancha is one of the best loose leaf tea for sleep.


V. Bancha tea benefits digestion

Because bancha tea is high in minerals, it can also be good for digestion. It is common in Japan for people to drink a cup of bancha tea after a meal. This is for a number of different reasons. The tea has a pleasant, mild flavor, a low caffeine content and it can be a great digestif. 

Bancha is good with snacks

The flavor of bancha can pair quite well with certain foods. Compared to other types of Japanese green tea, the taste is quite mild. It has notes of warm wood, cereal and citrus. These flavors pair quite well with snacks like popcorn and mixed nuts. This makes bancha a great pairing for your healthy afternoon snack!


Final thoughts on Bancha tea benefits

As you can see, there are many different bancha tea benefits. It is low in caffeine while still being high in minerals. The tea is great for many different occasions such as after dinner, during an afternoon snack or even in the evening time. While drinking bancha is no substitute for a healthy diet, it can be seen as a great supplement with no discernable downsides. 

Most of these benefits will not materialize overnight. Like everything else, it all comes down to routine and habit. Bancha tea is quite cheap loose leaf green tea and you can enjoy it every day for just a few cents. Making this part of your daily routine could help you reach your goals and take advantage of all the great bancha tea benefits.


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