How to Make the Best Matcha

It's no secret that soft drinks, particularly caffeinated soft drinks, are bad for your health. The question is, what is a nice healthier alternative to replace these sweet refreshing drinks?

The answer is to make a matcha soft drink! The matcha powder gives you a nice source of natural caffeine without the jitters or crash, the agave gives you a less-processed sweet taste, the lime gives you a nice refreshing burst of flavor. The best part is, you might have all of these ingredients in your kitchen already!

How to Prepare a Matcha Soft Drink:

Step 1: Whisk the matcha into a foam  (2oz of water and 2 grams of matcha powder). You can use water that is 60C/140F.

Step 2: Pour the matcha into a large wine glass or a regular glass

Step 3: Add a spoonful of sweetener like Agave or honey and stir

Step 4: Slice a lime in half and squeeze the juice from both halves into the drink. (Use one half if you are sensitive to citrus)

Step 5: Fill the rest of the glass up with a sparkling water (preferably one that is not flavored like Perrier

Step 6: Enjoy this nice refreshing drink!

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