Sencha Sampler (9 pack)

Sencha Sampler (9 pack)

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Our most extensive sampler yet! In this one set, you will get 9 very different senchas from all over Japan. This is a great way to expand your palate and properly experience the most common type of green tea in Japan. Sencha is also a very diverse group of teas. Here you will have the opportunity to experience the whole spectrum of sweet, savory, grassy, astringent, vegetal and fruity flavors that these wonderful teas have to offer.

5g Sencha YuDi: A mild, high-grade sencha from Shizuoka

5g Yakushima Sencha: A bold, full-bodied sencha from Yakushima island

5g Shincha Yakushima: A sweet and tart shincha from Yakushima island, made from the youngest tips of the tea plant

5g Fukamushi Yamaga: A deep steamed sencha from Shizuoka with a pleasant fruity note that makes an incredible cold brew

5g Hagiricha Mafuji: A dry, high-quality sencha made from a collective of farmers

5g Sencha Kobataen: A southern Japanese sencha with an incredible sweetness

5g Henta Saemidori: Single cultivar with a powerful, umami-rich sweetness

5g Henta Asanoka: Single cultivar tea with a light cereal note and pleasant dryness

5g Henta Okumidori: Single cultivar tea with a milder flavor and pleasant fruitiness