Monthly Matcha Club #5
Monthly Matcha Club #5
Monthly Matcha Club #5
Monthly Matcha Club #5
Monthly Matcha Club #5
Monthly Matcha Club #5
Monthly Matcha Club #5

Monthly Matcha Club #5

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With the monthly matcha club, we deliver 2 packs of matcha to you every month, giving you the opportunity to try all sorts of different teas for a more affordable price. You also get the proper tools to prepare beautiful bowls of matcha at home. Once you find the tea you like most, you will be able to cancel your subscription and get the teas you love. If you want to be introduced to more teas and expand your palate, stay in the matcha club and we'll keep introducing you to amazing Japanese green teas!

Matcha Club Benefits

✔️ Free Matcha Starter Set: Bamboo tea whisk (Chasen) and Bamboo Tea Spoon (Chashaku)

✔️Get $75 worth of matcha delivered monthly

✔️ Never get the same matcha twice

✔️ Experience our best matchas for the best deal

✔️ If you don't like a tea, we can replace it!

✔️ Cancel anytime

✔️ Never go another morning without great matcha!

What You Get

Bamboo Tea Whisk: Make foamy bowls of matcha just like in the tea ceremony! This whisk is made out of a single piece of bamboo and the bristles move through the water to aerate the tea, and create a nice foam on top of your matcha. This gives it a creamy texture so the matcha tastes almost like a latte.

Bamboo Tea Spoon: This tea spoon is great for scooping matcha out of the tin. Sometimes matcha containers have very small openings so this tool works much better than a spoon, bringing more refined movements to your tea ritual. It works surprisingly well for measurement as well. Just take two large scoops of powder and that should be the perfect amount for a bowl of matcha tea.

Each Month, You'll Receive 2 of the Following:

40 grams Matcha Washimine: This smooth and creamy Okumidori matcha is from the region of Kyoto. Because of the high concentrations of theanine, this tea shows almost no bitterness, making it even suitable for "Koicha matcha", the thick matcha paste consumed during special tea ceremonies.

40 grams Matcha Seisui: This matcha comes to us from Mr. Nakai outside of Kyoto. Its made from the Yabukita cultivar, the most common type of matcha consumed in Japan. This tea has a nice strong vegetable flavor profile, but its very well balanced.

30 grams Henta Matcha: This is a light and sweet Saemidori matcha from southern Japan. The Saemidori is usually reserved for more premium matcha teas because it is quite labor intensive to produce. It can only grow well in southern Japan because it is quite sensitive to frost.

40 grams Matcha Koiai: This bold and savory tea comes to us from the organic village of Isagawa in the mountains of Shizuoka. It's from the rare Gokou cultivar, which is sought after by matcha enthusiasts for its powerful umami flavor.

Plus you'll get to try our new matchas before we launch them on the website!

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