Gyokuro Karigane Sakamoto
Gyokuro Karigane Sakamoto

Gyokuro Karigane Sakamoto

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Karigane is a stem tea made from the stems and leaves of Gyokuro, Tencha and Kabusecha. In this case, the stem tea comes from Mr. Sakamoto's Gyokuro. The tea is shaded for 21 days, boosting the levels of amino acids and sweetness. The tea is low in caffeine compared to leaf teas, but higher in caffeine than the Kukicha.

The flavor is a beautiful umami flavor, similar to that of the Cha Musume. The stems of the tea render it smoother and sweeter, making it a nice gentle tea to enjoy later in the day. The stems also add a nice mineral tingling feeling to the tea. The added hay flavor towards the end enhances the flavor of the tea. This is one of Mr. Sakamoto's favorite teas for a cold brew, and during our last visit he greeted us with a cold pitcher of this incredible tea.

Steep at 60 degrees Celsius/ 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 1.5 minutes. Can be steeped 3 times 

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