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Tosen Kyusu Teapot Set with 3 different Gyokuro for FREE (pre-order only)

Tosen Kyusu Teapot Set with 3 different Gyokuro for FREE (pre-order only)

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This teapot set comes with a handmade black kyusu teapot as well as two small tasting cups. This teapot is perfect for larger tea gatherings, as it comes with a larger capacity and two cups to share tea with friends. The kyusu has the typical side handle design which makes it easier to pour, particularly with the alternate pouring method used for multiple people.

For a limited time, we are offering three Gyokuro Teas from the legendary Japanese green tea farmer Mr. Sakamoto for FREE. If you want to learn more about these unique Gyokuro, checkout this page 👉 Sakamoto Gyokuro Triple Pack

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: this product is only available for pre-order. Delivery will be mid-october. Each of these Teapots are unique as they are handmade by a Japanese artisan. However, there could be small variation in terms of final colors of the teaware.

How is the Kyusu teapot set made?

Let’s talk about the craftsmanship of this kyusu teapot set. Not only is the material used to make the teapot sourced from the best location, it is also produced by skilled craftsmen that use methods practiced for hundreds of years in this region. 

Tosen Artisan

This kyusu teapot set is handmade by talented potters at Tosen, a clay teaware studio in Tokoname Japan. To make this teapot, they use the 1,000 year old Yakishime method of natural coloring through firing. This firing changes the color of the teapot ever so slightly to give it a more natural look and feel. The teapot in this kyusu teapot set becomes a sleek metallic gray color that compliments the color of the green tea. 

The potter also uses the Tobikanna method on the teapot to give it a unique textured finish. This involves using a tool while the pottery wheel is spinning to create a ripple effect and small indents into the clay itself. This creates a unique look and feel to the teapot and further adds individuality to the kyusu teapot set. Although all handmade teapot sets are unique, this texturing effect further adds to the uniqueness of each piece, so the teapot you end up getting will truly be one of a kind!

Made in Tokaname

The clay used to make the kyusu teapot set is from Tokoname Japan, which is known for having the best quality clay in the entire country. There are 6 ancient kilns around Japan and the oldest is in Tokoname, the de facto capital of teaware production in the country. 

This clay is known for its low porosity, which allows it to hold water even when wet. This low porosity allows the teapot to be more versatile and brew multiple different tea types, rather than become seasoned for a particular one. If you want to season this teapot to improve the flavor of one type of tea, you can still accomplish this but it will require more brewing. 

Using the Kyusu teapot set with multiple people

When you have guests over and you decide to prepare tea for them, you will want to have the very best of equipment. This means that you will want to have 2 or more matching cups, a larger kyusu teapot and a teapot that is easy to pour. We are going to discuss each of these in the next section.

Yunomi Tea Cups

These slightly taller teacups are perfectly designed for slightly larger cups of Japanese green tea. Because these teacups have a slightly taller design compared to the shallower tasting cups, they are able to focus the aromatics of the tea upward. This is important when it comes to creating a richer tasting experience, as the aroma of the tea is a big part of the enjoyment of it. 

These teacups are handmade out of the same black tokoname clay, so they will insulate heat well and keep your tea warmer for longer. Just make sure that you preheat the teaware with hot water beforehand to get it nice and warm.

Larger Kyusu Teapot

This kyusu teapot has a larger volume up to 250ml, so it is perfect for sharing tea with multiple people. Normally with Japanese green tea, we recommend to use 5 grams of leaves and 150ml of water. When you prepare tea for two people in your kyusu teapot set, you can use 10 grams of leave and 250ml of water.

This kyusu teapot has a larger capacity, so it can accommodate this style of brewing. This higher capacity can  be particularly useful when you are preparing tea for friends, as you will each want to enjoy a full cup.

Pouring tea with your kyusu teapot set

Finally we get to the final factor when it comes to preparing tea for friends and that is pouring. When you are preparing tea for multiple people, it is important that you use the alternate pouring method. This means that you pour for about 1 second or less in each teapot, alternating each time. There is a very specific reason for this and it will make sure that both teas taste the same.

The water poured out last has been in contact with the leaves for the longest period of time, and therefore it will have the strongest flavor. The water sitting at the top of the teapot will have the least contact with the leaves, and it will actually be poured out first. To ensure that each of the teas taste the same, you will need to alternate the pouring between the two tea cups.

This alternate pouring method can make the preparation process a little bit more difficult, but the kyusu teapot set is perfectly equipped to handle it. The teapot has a side handle which allows you to pour with more refined movements with just a simple turn of your wrist. The long spout makes it so that you won’t spill as much as you pour between cups. Both of these features lead to a cleaner, more refined tea preparation experience which is sure to impress even the most experienced of tea connoisseurs. 

How to clean your kyusu teapot set

The kyusu teapot set is as easy to clean as it is to use. You shouldn’t use dish soap or sponges to clean the teapot, just make sure all the leaves have been removed from the teapot after use. This can be done with your hands, or simply by swishing water in and out until all the leaves have been poured out. 

After the teapot has been rinsed, you can then allow it to air dry and place it upside down on a dish towel to dry. The same rinsing and drying process can be repeated for the two cups. Once the kyusu teapot set is completely dry, you can then put it away in a safe place until you are ready to use it again. 

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