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Takeo Superior Shincha 80g

Takeo Superior Shincha 80g

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A light, unshaded sencha tea from Mie Prefecture. This tea is slightly drier, with notes of fresh cut grass, cucumber and straw.

1st brewing:Very fresh, early summer notes of fresh cut grass, cucumber and later drifting into a slight hay note with a small light sweet umami note.There is a slight citrusy note as well and a bit more of a tanninic drier layer showing itself more in the after taste.

2nd brewing:The tea becomes even fresher and shows a stronger citrus note. Especially the second notes make it an energetic tea, refreshing and a good kick starter for the morning. The tea still carries a nice light sweetness with it but shows more astringent notes.

In essence: If you dont mind more bitter/astringent notes to a tea and like grassier, fresher and stronger vegetal aromas this tea can be a good fit.

This tea comes to us from the farmer Takeo Hideyuki and it is made from the Yabukita cultivar, the most common tea cultivar in Japan. Takeo Hideyuki and his family have been growing tea in this area for almost a century and in 1985 they began to take an interest in growing tea without the use of pesticides. They began concerned with the effects the chemicals had with their surrounding area, particularly the nearby bamboo grove. In the year 2000, the family began only selling teas produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

How to prepare the tea: 70C/165F water, 5 grams of leaves 150ml of water and brew for 1 minute

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