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Secrets of Japanese Green Tea: the ultimate Japanese Tea Book

Secrets of Japanese Green Tea: the ultimate Japanese Tea Book

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After meeting with dozens of tea farmers and tea masters all around Japan, we have compiled all of our lessons into the ultimate Japanese tea book! Subscribe to our newsletter and get it for free.

We'll be covering the following topics:
  • 6 Major Types of Tea and How They are Made
  • What is Japanese Green Tea?
  • The History of Japanese Green Tea
  • Different Growing Regions around Japan
  • Different Varieties of tea plants and why they're important
  • How Climate Affects Tea
  • How Fertilizer and Soil Affects tea
  • How Tea is Produced
  • What Does Tea Taste Like and How to Evaluate it
  • How to Prepare Loose Leaf Tea
  • How to Prepare Matcha Tea
  • Different Types of Teaware and How to Use them
  • What to Look for When You Buy Tea
  • How to Begin Your Tea Journey on a Budget
  • Helpful Diagrams and Charts to Improve Your Tea Knowledge
  • 100 pages of Green Tea Knowledge! 

Behind the scenes of our Japanese Tea Book

After traveling around Japan for years and meeting with dozens of farmers, we've compiled all of our experiences into one book. In this book, you will not only learn about tea, but you'll also learn how to prepare it and how to properly appreciate it. By meeting with tea farmers, we've learned what goes into growing strong and nutrient rich tea leaves. By touring factories and production facilities, we've learn how much work goes into processing the leaves into finished tea. By meeting with tea masters, we've learned how to properly prepare Japanese green tea using a variety of different tools and accessories. We've also taken the time to meet with the Ujitawara board of tourism to travel around the region and visit various sites linked to Japanese tea history. By taking a step back to realize what tea means not only to the people that work in the industry, but people that have enjoyed it throughout history, you really get a better appreciation for the drink itself.

We will share with you the lessons we've learned during our travels, but also a series of images we've captured around Japan. These pictures represent special moments we've shared with farmers, tea masters and tea connoisseurs all throughout the country. Of course, we also work in the tea industry ourselves, and are happy to share our knowledge with you. We can teach you what to look for when you are buying your tea as well as how to start enjoying premium quality green tea when you are on a budget.

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