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Gyokuro Sakamoto 4-Pack 300g

Gyokuro Sakamoto 4-Pack 300g

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Begin your journey into organic Gyokuro with the Sakamoto 4-pack! In this bundle, you will find 4 amazing Gyokuro teas from Mr. Sakamoto, with beautiful artwork created by him.

50g Gyokuro Cha Meijin

Coming from the cultivar of Saemidori, this Gyokuro has a very gentle sweet taste while being complex at the same time. In the top note, a hint of hazelnut is followed by butternut in a well-developed sweet note of Umami making space for a full-bodied character of fresh vegetables. In all its different tasting notes this tea is very balanced and lingers for a long time after the first sip.

50g Gyokuro Wakamusha

Our newest Gyokuro coming from the Okumidori cultivar. Compared to the other gyokuro teas from Mr. Sakamoto, this tea is sweeter but also stronger on these vegetal notes. While the Gyokuro Cha Meijin has a warm caramel sweetness, this tea takes on a cooler sweetness, with notes of edamame and canteloupe melon. The tea has a strong umami flavor, but it is well balanced by its complex, fruity and vegetal sweetness.

100g Gyokuro Cha Musume: This tea has a well-developed umami note, accompanied by a nice sweetness and a slight note of hazelnut. It stays in the palate for a long time and continues to develop after the first sip. Compared to the other Gyokuro, this Yabukita Gyokuro is perhaps the strongest and most direct on the savory note.

100g Gyokuro Sasa Hime: The Sasa Hime is a very fine, well-balanced Gyokuro. It offers a subtle natural Umami taste that is rounded out with the grassy vegetal flavor of the tea. It has only a slight acidity. The first brewing has a note of spinach and a well-developed sweetness and natural umami taste. Compared to some of the other Gyokuros we have seen, the Umami taste here is a bit more subtle and blends in nicely with the grassiness of the tea. A slight note of hazelnut is also noticeable. The second brewing has a balance between its sweetness and a natural umami taste. You may also notice a slight acidity and a very subtle sourness.

60 degrees celsius for 2 min for the first steeping

60 degrees 20 sec for 2nd to 4th steepings

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