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Yakushima Kuritawase Shincha 2022 80g

Yakushima Kuritawase Shincha 2022 80g

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1st brewing
This tea has a mix of sweetness to it, with a light floral note. It still has a nice full-bodied umami note and a hint of freshness. The tea also takes on a lighter nutty note mostly in the direction of hazelnut, but drifting off into sweet corn.

2nd brewing
Super soft, more full bodied and denser in terms of texture. It has a light banana peel and apricot note. The umami note subsides and leaves more space for the softer and sweeter notes of the tea. Sill a nice and fresh tingling sensation coming from the tea.

What You'll Get

πŸƒ JAS Organic Green Tea
πŸƒ Calming, Relaxing Theanine
πŸƒ Higher Caffeine Content
πŸƒ Long Lasting Energy Throughout the Day
πŸƒ Naturally Gluten Free and Vegan
πŸƒ Complex Flavor Profiles

What it Tastes Like

🍡 Nice Grassy Flavor
🍡 Floral Notes
🍡 Delicate Astringency
🍡 Smooth Finish

How Much Tea Does it Make?

This packet contains 100 grams of tea, enough to make 20 pots or 60 cups

Meet the Farmer

In the middle of the wooded mountains, the Fujiwara family manages a small tea garden in which Yakushima Shincha is lovingly handcrafted.
Fujiwara-san has fulfilled a dream with its own organic tea gardens and at the same time has done important pioneering work for organic cultivation in the region and it is a privilege to work with him!

How to Brew it

Add 5 grams of leaves to the teapot or strainer and then pour in 150ml to 200ml of water (160 degrees Fahrenheit) and let the tea brew for 1 minute. You can brew the leaves 2-3 more times with the same temperature for 20 seconds each

Very Popular as a Gift

Our fans like to give away our teas on birthdays, weddings and other special days! Our samplers are highly recommended as gifts!

Always Pesticide Free

We make sure to only source teas from reputable farmers that grow tea without the use of conventional pesticides or chemicals. We meet with the farmers in person and tour the fields and facilities. We look at the sustainability of the field, the attention to detail and quality control of the facility and of course the taste of the tea.

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