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Matcha Whisk

Matcha Whisk

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The Matcha Whisk is the most important utensil for making a nice foamy bowl of matcha. This Matcha Whisk is made out of a single piece of bamboo, and each prong is delicately cut and curled to be the perfect whisking tool. If you want to make a beautifully creamy bowl of matcha at home, a Matcha Whisk is the best tool you can own

How to Use a Matcha Whisk

Add 2 1-2 grams of matcha powder to the bowl and then add in 100-150ml of 160-170 degrees water and whisk the powder into the water using a bamboo whisk or chasen

Benefits of the Matcha Whisk

Even though the bamboo tea whisk has been used in Japan for centuries, there is still no better tool to prepare beautiful foamy bowls of matcha. Each bristle moves through the water adding air to the bowl of tea, giving it a smoother and creamier flavor. A properly whisked high quality matcha can have a sweet and creamy flavor, almost like a latte but without the use of milk or sugar.

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