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Kamairicha Miyazaki Sabou 100g

Kamairicha Miyazaki Sabou 100g

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Compared to the Kamairicha from Mr. Issin, this tea has a lighter and less roasted taste profile. The taste begins with this mild yet noticeable roasted cereal characteristic and later it develops more of these vegetable characteristics. It starts to drift into the seaweedy direction with some savory flavors, but not quite like a Gyokuro. The finish is long with a hint of dryness.

The second steeping takes on slightly more bitterness, but still maintains these starchy cereal notes. The finish is fresh and citrusy, with a nice minerality.

What You'll Get

πŸƒ JAS Organic Green Tea
πŸƒ Calming, Relaxing Theanine
πŸƒ Lower Caffeine Content
πŸƒ Long Lasting Energy Throughout the Day
πŸƒ Naturally Gluten Free and Vegan
πŸƒ Complex Flavor Profiles

What it Tastes Like

🍡 Light Hazelnut Notes
🍡 Hint of Caramel
🍡 Complexity of Flavors
🍡 Smooth Finish

How Much Tea Does it Make?

This packet contains 100 grams of tea, enough to make 20 pots or 60 cups

Meet the Farmer

For a long time, Miyazaki Akira struggled to grow tea only using organic fertilizers. His harvest depended on the weather and the insects, and some years the yield would be quite low. He soon learned that rather than try to control nature, he should try to coexist with it. If the tea plants are grown in accordance to nature, the land will allow the plants to thrive. After learning to accept this, he was able to produce years of great quality tea, all without harming the natural beauty of Gokase.

About the Farm

This tea was grown in the mountains of Gokase in Miyazaki prefecture. Although Kamairicha is a relatively rare tea, this region has become famous for it. The farm of Miyazaki Sabou hasn't used pesticides on their field in the last 40 years and they produce all of their teas organically. The high elevation of the tea field and the mild weather of southern Japan makes for the perfect growing conditions for premium teas.

How to Brew it

Add 5 grams of leaves to the teapot or strainer and then pour in 150ml to 200ml of water (160 degrees Fahrenheit) and let the tea brew for 1 minute. You can brew the leaves 2-3 more times with the same temperature for 20 seconds each

Very Popular as a Gift

Our fans like to give away our teas on birthdays, weddings and other special days! Our samplers are highly recommended as gifts!

Always Pesticide Free

We make sure to only source teas from reputable farmers that grow tea without the use of conventional pesticides or chemicals. We meet with the farmers in person and tour the fields and facilities. We look at the sustainability of the field, the attention to detail and quality control of the facility and of course the taste of the tea.

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