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Kamairicha Issin

Kamairicha Issin

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While most Japanese green teas are steamed, the Kamairicha Issin is actually turned in a hot pan, similar to a Chinese green tea. As a result, the flavor of this kamairicha green tea picks up a little bit of this roasted caramel or nuttiness. The tea is quite dense and creamy, making it a perfect tea for the wintertime. You get this slightly roasted flavor, but nowhere near as intense as a hojicha. If you normally prefer Chinese teas but want to venture into the exciting world of Japanese green tea, this is the best choice for you. If you are looking for something slightly different from the grassy sencha teas, this is also a good way to add a little variety to your tea collection.

What You'll Get with the Kamairicha

🍃 JAS Organic Green Tea
🍃 Calming, Relaxing Theanine
🍃 Lower Caffeine Content
🍃 Long Lasting Energy Throughout the Day
🍃 Naturally Gluten Free and Vegan
🍃 Complex Flavor Profiles

What does the Kamairicha Green Tea Taste Like

🍵 Light Hazelnut Notes
🍵 Hint of Caramel
🍵 Complexity of Flavors
🍵 Smooth Finish

How Much Tea Can you Make with the Kamairicha?

This Kamairicha Issin contains 100 grams of tea, enough to make 20 pots or 60 cups

Meet the Farmer behind the Kamairicha Green Tea

Up in the mountains of Takachiho, Mr. Issin is hard at work crafting his famous Kamairicha, a rare pan-fired green tea with a beautifully nutty note. Last April, we got a chance to sit down and have lunch with his family in their 200-year-old house. He drove us around the village to see breathtaking mountain tea fields in the countryside. We learned all about Kamairicha production, from the special organic fertilizer he grows, all the way to the pan-firing method that gives this tea its trademark flavor.

This tea was grown in the mountains of Takachiho in Miyazaki prefecture. Although Kamairicha is a relatively rare tea, this region has become famous for it. The farm of Mr. Issin includes 4 small fields spread around the village, all of which are higher elevation. It was a great privilege to tour all of these fields and take in the picturesque views of this beautiful region.

How to Brew Kamairicha

Add 5 grams of Kamairicha Issin leaves to the teapot or strainer and then pour in 150ml to 200ml of water (160 degrees Fahrenheit) and let the tea brew for 1 minute. You can brew the leaves 2-3 more times with the same temperature for 20 seconds each

The Kamairicha is Pesticide Free

We make sure to only source teas from reputable farmers that grow tea without the use of conventional pesticides or chemicals. We meet with the farmers in person and tour the fields and facilities. We look at the sustainability of the field, the attention to detail and quality control of the facility and of course the taste of the tea. What are you waiting for to try out our Kamairicha Issin?

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