Win a full matcha set worth $116 and two FREE gifts 🎁

To celebrate Matcha Madness in style, Nio Teas is offering you the chance to win a full matcha set worth $116! Read this page to learn more about this giveaway.

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  • A chance to win a full matcha set worth $116

    You’ll have the opportunity to win a full matcha set with a handmade matcha bowl, a bamboo matcha whisk, a chashaku and one of our best ceremonial grade matcha, the Matcha Tea Washimine!

  • Our Ebook Secrets of Japanese Green Tea for FREE

    After meeting with dozens of tea farmers and tea masters all around Japan, we have compiled all of our lessons into the ultimate Japanese tea book! We will offer you this Ebook for free when you sign up!

  • -10% Off discount on all products

    Get 10% off premium Japanese green tea as soon as you subscribe. You’ll be able to pick from a wide range of organically grown loose leaf tea, matcha and teaware

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