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Matcha Tea Set Henta with Matcha Whisk

Matcha Tea Set Henta with Matcha Whisk

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Everything you need to make your first 30 ceremonial matcha bowls! With this small set, you can start your matcha journey off right with a full tin one of our best matchas. Just simply add some powder to the bowl, add some hot water and whisk it up to add smooth and creamy foam to the top.

Bamboo Tea Whisk

The Chasen is the most important utensil for making a nice foamy bowl of matcha. This Chasen is made out of a single piece of bamboo, and each prong is delicately cut and curled to be the perfect whisking tool. If you want to make a beautifully creamy bowl of matcha at home, a Chasen is the most important tool you can own.

Henta Matcha 30g

This is an organic ceremonial grade matcha from the Saemidori cultivar. The Saemidori is coming more and more in vogue, thanks to its light sweetness with a slight grassy undertone. Compared to an Okumidori matcha, the Henta Matcha is much sweeter, with a slightly fresher taste. Compared to a Yabukita Matcha, this tea is smoother, more delicate and sweeter. You will notice a light sweetness right away, followed by an umami note towards the end, with some notes of fresh cut grass. This tea comes from the town of Kirishima, close to Kagoshima. The farm where this tea is grown is surrounded by dense forest and some small mountains, making it a very natural and beautiful setting to grow organic green tea.

This tin contains 30 grams of Matcha

Use 1-2 grams of matcha for 70-100ml of 175F/80C water

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