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Hakkeien Fukamushi Shincha 100g

Hakkeien Fukamushi Shincha 100g

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The Hakkeien Fukamushi Shincha is a great deep steamed sencha produced by Hakkeien in Shizuoka. While most Japanese green teas are steamed after the harvest, Fukamushi sencha is unique because it is steamed for a longer time. This longer steaming process breaks down the tea leaf, allowing more of it to flow into the cup. You'll notice a greener color and a more powerful taste with these Fukamushi teas.

Where is this tea from?

This tea comes from Shizuoka, the largest tea growing region in Japan. Shizuoka is located only a short drive from Tokyo, and here you can find both flat land as well as more mountainous areas. Shizuoka has fantastic views of Mount Fuji, and it has become famous for these views of tea fields with Mount Fuji in the background.

What does this tea taste like?

1st brewing:
This tea has a stronger grassy note with a well developed hay flavor. The tea then dives into the more vegetal taste that is typical of Japanese Green Tea. There is a slight astringency accompanied by a delicate sweet corn and the tea later shows a hint of this umami flavor.

2nd brewing:
Astringency is more present but still quite mild, especially when brewed at 60c, There is a nice nutty note coming through in the second brewing providing a fuller body and bringing in some sweetness to balance out the slightly more astringent brew.

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