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Gyokuro Double Pack and Teapot Set

Gyokuro Double Pack and Teapot Set

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This set includes 2 full packs of tea as well as a special clay kyusu teapot!

Gyokuro Sasa Hime 100g

The Sasa Hime is a very fine, well-balanced Gyokuro. It offers a subtle natural Umami taste that is rounded out with the grassy vegetal flavor of the tea. It has only a slight acidity. The first brewing has a note of spinach and a well-developed sweetness and natural umami taste.

Gyokuro Cha Musume 100g

The tea has a well-developed umami note, accompanied by a nice sweetness and a slight note of hazelnut. It stays in the palate for a long time and continues to develop after the first sip.

Gyokuro is known as the emperor’s tea. Between farmers, there are yearly competitions to become the emperor’s choice, which is a long-standing tradition in Japan.

The Gyokuro “Cha Musume” is a certified organic Gyokuro from Kagoshima, the southern part of the main island. Its farmer Mr. Sakamoto plants since 1985 organic tea and is the best organic Gyokuro farmer we have found thus far.

Preparation: 2 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius, can be steeped 4-5 times

Red Kyusu

This teapot is made from a natural clay called "Tatsuchi" and then it is fired in a kiln for 12 hours at 1,150 degrees C until it is hardened. The teapot is then fired a second time to ensure it has been hardened completely. The end result is a beautifully smooth and durable teapot that is ideal for all types of sencha, bancha, gyokuro and kukicha.


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