Matcha Tea Henta

Matcha Tea Henta

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This is an ceremonial matcha from the Saemidori cultivar. The Saemidori is coming more and more in vogue, thanks to its light sweetness with a slight grassy undertone. Compared to an Okumidori matcha, the Henta Matcha is much sweeter, with a slightly fresher taste. Compared to a Yabukita Matcha, this tea is smoother, more delicate and sweeter. You will notice a light sweetness right away, followed by an umami note towards the end, with some notes of fresh cut grass.

What You'll Get

🍃 JAS Organic Green Tea
🍃 Calming, Relaxing Theanine
🍃 Higher Caffeine Content
🍃 Long Lasting Energy Throughout the Day
🍃 Naturally Gluten Free and Vegan
🍃 Complex Flavor Profiles

What it Tastes Like

🍵 Light and Sweet flavor
🍵 Smooth Finish
🍵 Steamed Vegetable Notes
🍵 Creamy Finish

How Much Tea Does it Make?

This tin contains 30 grams of powdered tea, enough to make 30 cups of matcha

Meet the Farmer

This tea comes to us from Mr. Henta, an organic green tea farmer in Kirishima. Mr. Henta is quite knowledgeable about tea plant varieties, also called cultivars. Although his farm is on the smaller side, he grows 8 different types of tea plants. He can then combine these cultivars into different tea blends to get the perfect flavors.

About the Farm

This tea comes from the town of Kirishima, close to Kagoshima. The farm where this tea is grown is surrounded by dense forest and some small mountains, making it a very natural and beautiful setting to grow organic green tea.

How to Brew it

Add 2 grams of matcha to a bowl and then pour in 100-150ml of 160-175F water. You can then scrape off the sides of the bowl and begin whisking with you matcha whisk

Very Popular as a Gift

Our fans like to give away our teas on birthdays, weddings and other special days! Our samplers are highly recommended as gifts!

Always Pesticide Free

We make sure to only source teas from reputable farmers that grow tea without the use of conventional pesticides or chemicals. We meet with the farmers in person and tour the fields and facilities. We look at the sustainability of the field, the attention to detail and quality control of the facility and of course the taste of the tea.