Fukamushicha Yamaga
Fukamushicha Yamaga
Fukamushicha Yamaga

Fukamushicha Yamaga

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Fukamushicha, otherwise known as a "deep steamed tea" has a wonderful flavor that is truly unique. Due to the extra steaming, the tea takes on a darker hue of green and a more powerful vegetal flavor. The umami note you experience is similar to that of a Gyokuro, and the astringency you might find in a Shincha. The tea is made by blending the Yabukita cultivar with the Asatsuyu. What makes the Yamaga unique is that it also takes on a nice fruity flavor, similar to that of lychee berry. You may also notice a hint of papaya and making as well. These fruity notes are particularly prevalent when the tea is brewed cold.

The smell of the dried leaves is so deep, it almost has a fruity fragrance to it. This is one of the Japanese green teas that everyone should try at least once!

Preparation: 60 degrees Celsius, 1-minute

can be used 3-4 times

Contains 100 grams of tea

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