Henta Okumidori Sencha
Henta Okumidori Sencha
Henta Okumidori Sencha

Henta Okumidori Sencha

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This is one of three single-cultivar sencha teas produced by Mr. Henta, an organic tea farmer in Kirishima, a region outside of Kagoshima in the south of Japan. This particular tea is an Asamushi, which means it is lightly steamed and it is shaded for 7 days before the harvest. This tea is a mix of first and second harvests and it is grown 230 meters above sea level.

Of the 3 single cultivar sencha teas, this one is the most round and fruity. You may get hints of strawberry on the noise, with a nice full-bodied mango and papaya flavor. There is a little bit of umami towards the aftertaste but it is very subtle. 

This package contains 100 grams of green tea.

Steep for 1 minute at 75 degrees C 167 degrees F. Can be steeped 2-3 more times for 20 seconds each

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