Gyokuro Sencha Sampler (5 pack)
Gyokuro Sencha Sampler (5 pack)
Gyokuro Sencha Sampler (5 pack)
Gyokuro Sencha Sampler (5 pack)

Gyokuro Sencha Sampler (5 pack)

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Experience beautiful jade green teas with this Super Green Sampler! These teas have been through a deep steaming process, rendering them sweeter and smoother. A few of these teas even pick up a slight fruitiness to them. Because the deep steaming process breaks down the cell membranes of these teas, they give more flavor and color to the water. This is why you get these deep green colors and a very pleasant sweet and full-bodied flavor.

There is also a Gyokuro included in this sampler, a powerful sweet and savory tea that is considered to be the finest in all of Japan. Although this is not a deep steamed tea, it does share some similar characteristics and pairs quite nicely with the other smooth and sweet teas in this set.

What You'll Get:

Kasugaen Asatsuyu Sencha 5g: This tea comes from the Asatsuyu cultivar, known for its natural sweet and umami flavor. The name means "precious dew" and it is sometimes referred to as a "natural Gyokuro" because it picks up a pleasant sweet and savory taste even without being shaded. This tea comes from southern Japan, where it is nourished by a warm subtropical climate, heavy rainfall and rich volcanic soils.

Fukamushi Yamaga 5g: This is a blended Fukamushi sencha from Shizuoka. this has quickly become one of our most popular teas due to its distinct fruity note. You may notice that the tea picks up a nice lychee note, even a slight note of papaya. This fruity flavor is even easier to notice when the tea is cold brewed, making it an excellent choice in the summertime.

Murasaki Sencha 5g: This tea is coming from the Yutaka Midori, a name that translates to "abundant green". This is known as the ideal cultivar for Fukamushi senchas, but it is quite sensitive to frost. Luckily, it is produced in the south of Japan, where it benefits from the mild climate and rich volcanic soils. The tea produces a sweet and full-bodied flavor with subtle notes of banana and mango.

Henta Saemidori Sencha 5g: This is a single cultivar sencha from the region of Kirishima. This tea is made from the Saemidori cultivar, known for being one of the sweetest and typically reserved for Gyokuro. With partial shading and deep steaming, this tea really brings a sweet and savory note to the palate that could rival even some of the better Gyokuro. The liquor is dense and sweet, bringing a powerful flavor that glides over the top of the tongue.

Gyokuro Sasa Hime 5g:

The first brewing has a note of spinach and a well-developed sweetness and natural umami taste. Compared to some of the other Gyokuros we have seen, the Umami taste here is a bit more subtle and blends in nicely with the grassiness of the tea. A slight note of hazelnut is also noticeable. The second brewing has a balance between its sweetness and a natural umami taste. You may also notice a slight acidity and a very subtle sourness.

60 degrees celsius for 2 min for the first steeping 60 degrees 30 sec for 2nd to 4th steepings

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