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  • -Expand your palate for matcha
  • -Experience different matcha cultivars
  • -Try tea from different regions around Japan
  • -Try teas before you decide to buy them

What's in the Sampler?

2g Matcha Seisui: A stronger, grassier Yabukita Matcha from the Kyoto region. This matcha works better for Matcha lattes

2g Matcha Koiai: A bold, sweet Gokou Matcha from the region of Shizuoka

2g Matcha Washimine: A smooth and creamy Okumidori Matcha from Kyoto. This is a great matcha for "koicha", a thicker matcha made during the tea ceremony

2g Matcha Kakitsubata: A fresh, vegetal Yabukita matcha from the region of Shizuoka. This matcha also works well in a latte

2g Matcha Marufuku: A sweet and creamy matcha from southern Japan, made with a combination of the Okumidori and Saemidori cultivars

2g Henta Matcha: A sweet and fresh matcha coming from the Kirishima region in southern Japan

Recently Added:

2g Noike Matcha: A smooth and creamy Okumidori matcha from Wazuka, a small town outside of Kyoto

1-1.5g matcha per 150ml water; 70 degrees Celsius 160 degrees Fahrenheit