Kasugaen Asatsuyu Sencha
Kasugaen Asatsuyu Sencha

Kasugaen Asatsuyu Sencha

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This is a sweet deep steamed sencha from southern Japan. The first steeping is very light and sweet, with a pleasant note of edamame towards the end. The second steeping becomes more bold and full-bodied, with the sweet corn note from the first steeping subsiding and the edamame note beginning to develop more and more. From steeping to steeping, the tea develops more of a vegetal flavor and less of a sweetness. This change leads to a tasting experience that evolves from the first steeping to the third, creating 3 entirely unique cups of tea. You can also continue to brew the tea longer without it losing flavor. Even after the 5th steeping you will notice a vibrant green color and a full-bodied flavor to the tea.

We visited the farm of Katsugaen in November 2019. The farmer, Kawaji-san introduced us to several amazing deep-steamed teas, and we ultimately fell in love with a couple of them. Because this tea is deep steamed, it brings a lot of sweetness, a little bit of fruitiness and almost no bitterness or astringency to the palate. We thought this we be an excellent addition to our collection of Fukamushi teas.

Steeping: brew for 45 seconds at 60 degrees Celsius, 140 degrees Fahrenheit. can be steeped 3-4 times

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