Kakitsubata Matcha
Kakitsubata Matcha
Kakitsubata Matcha

Kakitsubata Matcha

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This organic ceremonial matcha has a fresh vegetal flavor you might typically associate with a matcha. It has less sweetness than the Sesui and more of a grassy flavor than the Washimine and the Koiai. If you like a strong matcha flavor, this matcha brings a lot of freshness, a lot of grassiness and a bit of astringency as well. This is a very high-quality organic matcha at a very affordable price. It is also a good matcha to mix in with almond milk to make a latte because the flavor is quite strong and you will still be able to get a good taste of the matcha.

The tea is produced in Shizuoka, high up in the mountains in an area that exclusively grows organic tea. We visited these tea farms in April 2019 to see the fields and factories where it was produced in person.

 Use 1-2 grams of matcha for 70-100ml of 175F/80C water

This 40 gram tin contains enough matcha for 40 matcha bowls

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