Henta Asanoka Sencha
Henta Asanoka Sencha
Henta Asanoka Sencha

Henta Asanoka Sencha

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This is one of three single-cultivar sencha teas produced by Mr. Henta, an organic tea farmer in Kirishima, a region outside of Kagoshima in the south of Japan. This particular tea is an Asamushi, which means it is lightly steamed and it is not shaded prior to harvest. This tea is a mix of first and second harvests and it is grown 230 meters above sea level.

This Asanoka sencha is a sweeter tea that directly shows a little bit of a smoky, cereal wooden note. There is not a lot of a grassy flavor in this tea and it has a stronger cereal profile that develops over time. It heads into a smoky or roasted direction even though it is not a roasted tea.

This package contains 100 grams of green tea.

Steep for 1 minute at 75 degrees C 167 degrees F. Can be steeped 2-3 more times for 20 seconds each

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