Organic Tamaryokucha Midori

Like the Bessaku, this tea is a Tamaryokucha, which means that it is a "curled tea". This makes the tea pretty unique in Japan, where most teas are rolled into needle shapes. While stem teas get the reputation of being less expensive teas, they actually provide a ton of unique flavor that you can't find in other teas. Many prefer these teas and describe them as having "summer grass" or "hay" flavors.

The tea is shaded for two weeks and the additional stems give it a light hay flavor as well as a bold, full-bodied taste. There is a nice natural umami to this tea and it also has a nice smooth finish you will find quite enjoyable. All of the stem teas we have, kukicha, bancha and tamaryokucha, all taste very different. Sometimes we like to compare the taste of two different stem teas and see what makes them alike and what makes them different.

Meet The Farmer

Mr. Fujisako is the first organic farmer in his region of Kumamoto. At one point, he decided to risk everything and convert his farm into an organic operation. It cost him $2 million at the time to change all of his 8 acres of tea fields over to organic planting. Times were tough for him and his family. Less harvest, higher cost and little interest in organic tea at the time. At one point, he had to sell half of his farm just to be able to feed his family.

Finally, it all worked out and although times were rough then, now he can look back and smile about the journey. Such a courageous man. We admire him for the risks he has taken and love him and his amazing Tamaryokucha tea

If you are interested in trying this tea, we offer a $3 sample on our online store. We also ship anywhere in the world for free so no need to worry if you live far away, you are always welcome to enjoy our tea!