All you need to know About Bancha

Bancha is a tea made from the later lower leaves on the tea plant and therefore is a lot less expensive than other teas. It has additional benefits other than its price tag. It also is lower in caffeine and it has a really nice unique flavor to it.

We have been testing out this Bancha for quite some time now and an amazing discovery we made is that this Bancha can be steeped up to 6 times! The flavor begins with a nice tree bark or wooden flavor in the first 1-3 steepings and then it settles down into a sweet mellow tea in the 4-6 steepings. The 200-gram pack we sell should last for months if you are steeping it 6 times each!

Organic Bancha Masudaen

While most bancha teas lack complexity, the bancha from Masudaen is truly exceptional. There is a nice subtle taste of popcorn that even goes in the direction of a Genmaicha. 

We visited Masudaen last summer and learned so much at the farm, in the factory and in the tasting room. The farmers here really know their tea!

Bancha is a great tea for the whole family. It is alkalizing, so easier on the stomach, it has lower caffeine and more iron. Normally it is not good to give green tea to young children, but this one is often drunk by kids because it is so low in caffeine. You can also drink it later in the day without being up all night trying to sleep.

You can find the Bancha Masudaen in our online store. Please note that while many of our teas are sold in 100-gram packs, this one is sold in a 200-gram pack so the price is even lower than it appears.