All About Our Organic Fukamushicha Yamaga

The Fukamushicha is an exciting and unique tea that every tea lover should try at least once. Its name means "Deep Steamed Tea" and that is because it is steamed for an extra 30 seconds, giving it a deep green hue and rich umami flavor. The taste is truly extraordinary.

If you love the taste or our organic Gyokuro, you will definitely love this tea as well. It can be steeped several times before it loses its flavor. Sometimes the second steeping even tastes nearly identical to the first steeping. This is always a good indication of a high-quality tea. The smell of the dry leaves is also incredible. a strong fruity perfume quickly overtakes your nose, almost reminiscent of fresh berries. 

Satoen Tea Farm

Located in Shizuoka, within view of Mount Fuji, sits the beautiful tea farm of Satoen. Here they grow the leaves for the famous Fukamushicha. We visited the farmers and got to do a tasting of this wonderful tea in person. It was love at first sip! We knew we had to share this tea with you, and we are excited to finally unveil it on our online store.

You may have seen one of our many videos on Instagram or Facebook where we give a tour of the Satoen factory. The farmers were nice enough to allow us to see every stage of the production process. Although this is one of the largest farms we source from, their quality control is unparalleled for a company of their size. They have multiple stages of sifting and filtering and they even have an automatic color sorting machine that automatically removes impurities to ensure that the final product is as green as possible. 

Although the company is not entirely organic, the Fukamushicha Yamaga is an exception. We personally visited the field where it is grown to ensure that it is pesticide free and grown with natural farming methods. We also have done a few tastings of the tea at their factory and it is on of our favorites!

Try it For Yourself

We've done our best to describe this tea for you, but if you are still curious, we highly recommend you try a sample for yourself. We'll ship you a sample pack of any of our teas for just $3 if you want to try. We'd love to hear what you think of this one!