What is Shincha?

People frequently ask us "what is shincha" so we thought we write up a short article about shincha as well as talk a little bit about our Shincha from Yakushima.

Shincha is made by using the leaves from the first picking of the season. These leaves are the youngest, freshest and are also known for having the highest concentration of minerals in them.

Who Makes Our Shincha?

160km south of Kagoshima City lies the small tropical island of Yakushima. It is here that the Watanabe family grows their organic tea that has become world famous. Mankichi Watanabe was convinced to start organic tea farming in the 1990s and he soon after obtained an organic certification that he carries to this day.  Mankichi Wantanabe has such a strong connection with nature, and that is evident in his tea. He has a great diversity of tea bushes on his tea farm and that allows him to harvest tea during different seasons.

Why Yakushima Organic Shincha is Special

The tea coming from the island of Yakushima has a beautiful and distinct taste coming from the unique climate and weather patterns. Being grown on a subtropical island, Yakushima tea enjoys great rainfall as well as mist and fog. This mist and fog create a natural shading for the tea, so a lot of our Yakushima teas have an even deeper green color and flavor. The Yakushima Sencha, like all of our other teas, is completely organic. The tea is produced without pesticides, and the tea fields where it is grown are a part of nature.

What Does Shincha Taste Like?

This is a perfect summer tea. It has a light flavor to it but also a versatile character starting with a butternut creamy note that eventually transforms into an umami sweetness and ends with a nice flowery note.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you found this article helpful!