How To Make Cold Brew Japanese Green Tea

We frequently talk about cold brewing green tea in our daily tea episodes, and a lot of people are curious about making cold brew green tea at home so we thought we'd include this short article to teach you how.

Although I really love a nice warm cup of tea, sometimes it is just simply too hot outside to enjoy a warm cup and that's where cold brews become the perfect solution to the hot summer days.

Cold brewed tea has less caffeine so you can drink it a little later in the day and as soon as it is ready you can put it on ice, unlike regular tea where you need to wait an hour or so for it to cool off. It is much easier to make than you think! Here are the steps to make your own cold brewed tea at home:


Step 1: What You'll Need

To make a half liter of cold brewed tea, all you need is about 5 grams of tea, filtered water and some type of bottle. It also helps to have some type of a strainer so the leaves don't end up in the tea you pour.

Step 2: Brewing the Tea

After placing about 5 grams of tea into a pitcher or a bowl of some sort, pour in about half a liter of filtered water. If you order one of our sample packs, we've already measured out 5 grams for you so this should be the perfect amount. 

Next, just wait anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. I personally like the tea to be steeped a little longer but because you have a lot of tea to work with here, I would recommend taking a little taste every 10 minutes to see if the tea is to your liking.

If you want to see this in action, feel free to check out our youtube video where we walk you through the process of cold brewing and its benefits.

Best Teas for Cold Brew Green Tea

After doing a lot of experimenting, we've found that our best teas for making a cold brew are the Shincha Yakushima and the Gyokuro Sasa Hime. Don't be afraid to combine teas in order to make a cold brew. Sometimes it is fun to mix and matcha green teas to see how it affects the flavor of the cold brew. Also, it is fun to see how  the flavor of a cold brew differs from that of a hot brewed tea. To me, cold brewed teas taste sweeter and less bitter than hot green teas. That being said, the cold brewed green teas are perfect for a warm lazy day, but they don't pack as much tea as the hot green teas.