How to Eat Less Sugar in your Japanese Tea

I hope you are all having a great start to 2020 so far. January can seem like a quiet month, right after the holidays and in the middle of winter, but it can also be an exciting time. January is the perfect time to set the tone for the rest of the year, and many of you have chosen a few New Year's resolutions to make 2020 even better than 2019. At Nio, we thought we could help you with your New Year's resolutions with our new newsletter series for January.

High up on the list of people's new year's resolutions is reducing their sugar intake. When we think of sugar, we normally think of things like ice cream or candy, but the sugar we drink can also be a huge source of empty calories. A can of coca-cola can have close to 40 grams of sugar!

At Nio, we like to think we are making the world a little bit healthier by replacing these sweet sugary drinks with delicious organic green teas. The green teas we use may just be leaves and water, but a few of them actually have quite a bit of sweetness to them. Sometimes I have a sweet tooth in the middle of the day and instead of reaching for a candy bar, I reach for a sweet pot of green tea. Below are a few teas that we think can satisfy your sweet tooth, without all the extra sugar. Hopefully, this helps get you on the right track to accomplish your goals for 2020!

If you need a little something extra, we recommend having a date with your tea. It won't spike your blood sugar, and it will actually make the tea itself taste sweeter. In Japan, it is common to eat sweets with green tea to make the tea sweeter without adding any sugar to it.

Sweet Green Teas:

Marufuku Matcha: This matcha comes from the Saemidori cultivar, a very sweet and delicate cultivar reserved for very high quality matcha. This will allow you to get that sweet matcha latte flavor without the cream or sugar.

Gyokuro Sasa Hime: Gyokuro is shaded for the longest time of any leaf tea, so it builds up the most theanine, the part that gives the tea its sweet flavor. The theanine also brings a nice strong umami flavor that complements the sweetness nicely.

Sencha Kobataen: This is one of our sweetest teas, but it doesn't have a strong umami flavor to it. It's just a light delicate sweet flavor that is perfect for a refined palate.