Best Tea For Cold and Flu Season

A lot of people have asked us what teas to drink when you have the cold and after doing some research and experimenting, we found an answer. Some teas are better than others, but the important thing is how to brew the tea. By making a few adjustments to your tea preparation, you can make a potent flu-fighting tea at home! We thought we'd write this short article to explain how.

It's getting to be that time of year again, flu season. Oliver and I have both been feeling a bit under the weather lately, and to keep ourselves healthy we've been doing what we do best, drinking tea! There are a few things you should know about making the right cup of tea before you start making your own flu remedies at home

The Best Tea for The Cold and Flu

When you are sick, what you want to be drinking is actually a tea that is high in polyphenols. These are the bitter components of the tea that can help with a sore throat. To extract these, you will need to follow three basic steps:

1. Use a Sencha, or other tea that is high in polyphenols
2. Steep the tea at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius
3. Let the leaves steep for up to 2 minutes

This will ensure that you maximize the polyphenols that you extract from the tea. It may taste a little bit rough at first, but we also have some tips to help with that! If you check our channel on youtube, you should be able to find our cold and flu video where we walk you through this process.

Organic Tamaryokucha Bessaku:

This was the tea that was featured in our cold and flu video. As a sencha, this tea is very high in polyphenols. It tastes incredible and when heated at a higher temperature, it will release a ton of throat-soothing flavor! Just make sure you add some agave and lemon to make it easier to drink!