All About Our Organic Kukicha Yakushima

One of the reasons most people never step fully into the world of Japanese green tea is because the price of these premium teas can be a little bit intimidating. One of the best-kept secrets is that you can get an incredible Japanese green tea for a much lower price when you get a stem tea like a Kukicha or a Bancha.

The Kukicha Yakushima is a fine addition to our online store, giving you an authentic Japanese green tea experience for a fraction of the price. The tea is what is known as a "stem tea" or a "twig tea" and it includes stems of the tea plant in addition to the green tea leaves. This introduces some unique flavors to the tea, and compliments the more classic notes of this fine Japanese green tea. Although this is a more inexpensive tea, many people actually prefer this flavor, saying that it adds unique characteristics to the tea you can't find elsewhere.

Meet the Farmer

The Yakushima tea garden is currently operated by the Watanabe family. Mankichi Watanabe uses the pristine environment of his tea farm to produce some of the best quality sencha and kukicha. The farm, production facility and retail store are all certified organic. The farm is located in a very warm climate in southern Japan, and therefore enjoys a longer growing season. 

Try it for For Yourself!

We can describe the tea to you all we want but in order to truly experience the flavor, you will have to try it for yourself. As with the rest of our teas, you can try a sample pack of this incredible tea for just $3 with free shipping. We know you'll love it!