All you need to know about Matcha Powder

The Japanese green tea that gets the most attention on social media is our matcha. It is easy to see why, this delicious drink has a lot of sacred history and some pretty potent health benefits behind it as well. We thought we would write a short article to explain what matcha is and where our matcha teas come from.

Matcha is a powdered green tea, normally reserved for Japanese tea ceremonies. It tends to be made from the highest quality leaves, which are shaded in the days leading up to the harvest to maximize the amount of chlorophyll in the plant. This gives the plant a rich, sweet umami flavor. The tea is prepared by whisking the powdered leaves into a bowl using a special bamboo whisk called a Chasen.

Meet the Farmer!

Our organic matcha is produced by Mr. Nakai, an organic tea farmer in Wazuka, near Kyoto, the old capital city of Japan. His family is one of the first in Japan who started growing tea organically. After talking with him, we found out his father was one of the founders of the organic “JAS” labels in Japan.

Our Organic Okumidori Matcha:

Our organic Matcha Washime is from the cultivar Okumidori, normally reserved for the highest quality green teas because of its sweet umami taste with nearly no bitterness. It has a smooth silky texture with a round butternut note and a lot of body to it. Each sip brings out the smooth taste of fresh young spinach with a hint of asparagus.

Our Organic Yabukita Matcha:

Our other organic matcha comes to us from the yabukita cultivar. This is the most widely used cultivar for matcha, comprising approximately 70% of total matcha production. This tea has the flavor most people would associate with matcha, grassy and vegetal with a tiny hint of astringency. It is very flavorful and makes a nice compliment to other ingredients like lime or agave. Just for fun, we like to email out matcha recipes we find every once and a while and we often recommend using this one in the recipes for a strong matcha flavor.