All About Organic Matcha Seisui

The organic Matcha Sesui has the classic matcha flavor that is now world famous. It is grassy and vegetal but it has a smooth silky finish. What makes it different from our Matcha Washimine is that it comes from the Yabukita cultivar. The Yabukita cultivar is the most common type of matcha cultivar in Japan and accounts for 70% of total matcha production. For that reason, the Matcha Sesui may taste more like the type of matcha you are used to. It is not quite as smooth as our Matcha Washimine, but it does have a stronger grassy and vegetal flavor to it that many people love.

You can now find the Matcha Sesui on our online store. This is a less expensive alternative to our very popular Matcha Washimine. 

Meet the Farmer!

Our organic matcha is produced by Mr. Nakai, an organic tea farmer in Wazuka, near Kyoto, the old capital city of Japan. This region is where matcha originated and some of the most famous matcha still come from this area.

The Nakai family has been in the tea business for a couple of generations. His family is one of the first in Japan who started growing tea organically. After talking with him, we found out his father was one of the founders of the organic “JAS” labels in Japan. This is the label that is used to certify that Japanese tea is organic. If you have purchased any of our full packs of teas, you are probably familiar with this logo.

Organic Matcha Sesui Taste

This Matcha is from the cultivar Yabukita, the most widely grown cultivar in Japan. It has a bright green color and a strong vegetal flavor. This matcha has a very complex taste and a silky finish with buttery and creamy notes to it. Try this matcha for yourself and let us know what you think!