Satoru Fujisako Japanese Tea

When we travel to Japan, we get the great privilege of trying some of the best teas on earth, but we also get to meet some of the best people on earth. The farmers we have met are not only kind and hospitable but also courageous as well. Satoru Fujisako in particular has an incredible story that we would like to share with you. A lot of personal sacrifice goes into producing organic green tea, and that is evident in this story.

Mr. Fujisako is the first organic farmer in his region of Kumamoto. At one point, he decided to risk everything and convert his farm into an organic operation. It cost him $2 million at the time to change all of his 8 acres of tea fields over to organic planting. Times were tough for him and his family. Less harvest, higher cost and little interest in organic tea at the time. At one point, he had to sell half of his farm just to be able to feed his family.

Finally, it all worked out and although times were rough then, now he can look back and smile about the journey. Such a courageous man. We admire him for the risks he has taken and love him and his amazing Tamaryokucha tea

Satoru Fujisako Method

Satoru Fujisako still sticks with some of the more traditional methods of farming. He believes that producing high-quality tea takes a lot of patience and hands-on work. Although a lot has changed since he was young, he still takes very close care of his tea plants and ensures that only the finest leaves make it into your cup!

Of course being committed to organic green tea means that Mr. Fujisako also abstains from the use of pesticides and conventional fertilizer. This means that his tea farms not only produce delicious tea, they also do so without disrupting the natural ecosystem as much. We know that this is the right way to farm tea and that is why all of the tea at Nio is farmed without the use of pesticides.