All you need to know about Gyokuro From Kagoshima

While many of our teas come from the region of Shizuoka, we also source a few from the south of Japan. Kagoshima is one of our favorite tea growing regions and we wanted to share with you a little bit about the amazing Gyokuro teas we found while we were visiting.

Kagoshima is located on the Southern tip of Kyushu and it is the second largest tea producing region in Japan. Here you can find an excellent variety of Sencha, Gyokuro and Tamaryokucha being grown on various green tea farms. 

Mr. Sakamoto Organic Gyokuro

Mr. Sakamoto is one of the premier farmers of Organic Gyokuro tea in Japan. His farm is located 40 minutes outside Kagoshima and he has been growing green tea since 1985.

His specialty is organic Gyokuro. He takes exceptional care of the tea that he grows, and you can find him featured in many of our videos. With his special organic fertilizer, the tea plants become stronger and can easily survive for two weeks after being removed from the ground. He also uses soil that is incredibly soft to allow the roots of the tea plant to grow into a vast underground network. He demonstrates this deep underground network very memorably by pushing a long bamboo pole deep into the soil to prove that the soil is not only deep, but soft as well.

Organic Gyokuro Cha Musume

The organic gyokuro Cha Musume is the entry-level gyokuro from Mr. Sakamoto. In addition to being our most inexpensive gyokuro, it has been the favorite tea of our customers so far. This tea is made solely from the yabukita cultivar and it has a straight to the point umami flavor that can be quite addictive. 

Organic Gyokuro Sasa Hime

The organic gyokuro Sasa Hime is the middle-tier gyokuro from Mr. Sakamoto, and this is made by blending together 3 different cultivars. This blending of cultivars results in a very complex flavor that is both deep in the umami, but also light and grassy. This tea is a true masterpiece that could only be crafted by the one and only Sakamoto tea farm. This is also one of our favorite teas to cold brew!

Organic Gyokuro Cha Meijin 

The organic gyokuro Cha Meijin is the most premium organic gyokuro offered by Mr. Sakamoto. This is made solely from the Samidori cultivar, a notoriously difficult strain of tea to cultivate. The reason organic Gyokuro is so difficult to find is because it has to contain a certain level of umami to be considered a Gyokuro and it is difficult to get there without the use of conventional methods. Mr. Sakamoto uses is special organic fertilizer to grow tea plants that are far more robust and can last long enough to reach their maturity.